How a Virtual Assistant Can Support YOUR Coaching Business

How a Virtual Assistant Can Support YOUR Coaching Business

Are you a coach? Do you have a virtual assistant?

No?? Are you serious? How in the world are you getting it all done in a day? Wow!

Let me tell you what all a virtual assistant can do for you and your coaching business! We can take soooo much stress off your plate each day. Seriously!

  • Are you trying to get your social media all written and scheduled out?
  • Are you replying to everyone who contacts you via your social media? Emails?
  • Who updates your website by adding your new blogs?
  • Who makes sure your website is secure? That all the plug-ins are up to date. Themes are up to date. Etc. You? Oh my!
  • Who helps you get your speaking info out?
  • Do your webinars go smoothly when you do them all yourself?
  • Are your newsletters going out consistently?

If you answered yes, I do all of these tasks….you need to re-evaluate your system!

Wouldn’t you rather be doing things that make you the most money? That you ENJOY doing?

A Virtual Assistant can do ALL those tasks and more!

I know…you are maybe a control freak. You don’t feel comfortable handing things over. Yet, as your coaching business grows, more and more things fall through the cracks. Is that how you want to be known?

“Well….I had an appointment with my coach. But she forgot to write it down…now its 2 weeks before I can get in again! So frustrating. Maybe I’ll look for a new coach. Arg!”

NO!! YOU can do this! Do you KNOW all that a VA can offer?

Here are just a few things:

  • Social Media: Have it scheduled…..never have a day that posts don’t go out!
  • Email & Schedule Management: Get your email inbox down to ZERO…..DAILY!
  • Blogging tasks: Make sure your blog is posted AND optimized!
  • Email Marketing: Send out consistent emails & newsletters!
  • Image creating: See all those memes on Facebook? You can have those!
  • Webinar set up: They really need to run smoothly! Can you do that all alone?
  • Telesummit prep: This, too….needs to run smoothly!
  • Transcription: Ugh, who has time to do that?! (Yep, a VA!)
  • SEO/Web Marketer: Getting more important each day!
  • Bookkeeping: Keep your bills paid on time!
  • Online research: Can you say TIME CONSUMING??
  • Client/Customer service: Timely customer service. VERY important these days!

Today is the day to take control of your time. Today is the day you start doing what you LOVE doing and start delegating the things you DON’T LOVE to a Virtual Assistant!

Contact me TODAY! I look forward to showing you how to take your business to another level!

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