Ready to overcome overwhelm? A Virtual Assistant can help!

Ready to overcome overwhelm? A Virtual Assistant can help!

Ready to overcome overwhelm? A Virtual Assistant can help!

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! I know. It’s hard. I get it! Letting someone else have any control over your business is scary.

BUT….are the little day to day administrative tasks that are taking up so much of your time truly making you money? Is there enough time in your day to promote growth in YOUR business? Does just thinking about it overwhelm you?

Yes….No….YES! Is that how you answered? If so…..we need to chat!

I’m sure you’re wondering….”How am I ever going to have time to train someone?”

Well, that’s easy…there is very little training you have to do if you find a qualified VA! Tell them what you need to be done, and they do it. They may have a few questions. But it is definitely not like starting from scratch.

You’re also thinking…..”What if they mess up?”

There’s that. It can happen.

BUT….what if THIS happens: You find a VA that fits your needs. You TRUST them. Then, they, in turn, will build on that trust. That’s how it usually goes. To me…my clients are important. I treat them like a new friend. I want to make them happy. I want them to see the benefits in hiring me immediately.

When you start with a new VA, first just give them a couple tasks. You will be able to tell rather quickly if you and the VA are going to work well together. There is this click that I tend to know right away when I start working with a client(often before I start working… the degree that I decide to NOT take them on as a client if I feel it isn’t a good match). Go with your gut. Your gut instinct is usually pretty accurate!

You can click here and see all that a VA can offer you. And if you don’t see something on this list….ask! I know I am always willing to learn something new. Heck, I LOVE learning new skills!! Just as you want to grow your business, I am always working on growing mine.

It is so rewarding to us, as VA’s, to see YOU succeed.  Helping others is why we do what we do!

What overwhelms you? Can I help make it less of a stress? Let me know! 


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