Client Policies

Invoices Are Due Upon Receip

Office Hours Monday – Friday Only

I reserve the weekends for continuing education, working on my own business and spending time with my family. The only exception to this is for emergency situations.

Phone Calls Should be Scheduled (Click Here)

There is no extra charge for scheduled phone calls although this will count towards the time available in your monthly package.

Submit Tasks via Email

Please submit tasks via email and follow these general guidelines.

  • Subject should include short description and due date.
  • Body of email should include long description and supporting files needed to complete tasks.
  • One task or request per email is best.

You can expect an email reply to acknowledge receipt of your requests and a separate email notification of completion.

Minimum 2-Week Notice of Cancellation Required

The day you receive an invoice from me is definitely not the day to cancel but it is the perfect day to give notice for canceling, effective with the following month. After canceling or downgrading services, there is no guarantee that a space will be available for you in the future or that your monthly rate will be the same.